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Time Off & Flexible Work Schedules

Paid time away from work benefits at BC Assessment include*:

  • Statutory holidays—gives our employees 12 days off each year to recognize special days
  • Vacation—gives our employees extended breaks each year
  • Special leaves—allows our employees to take time away from work for personal matters
  • Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave—pays an allowance when employees are caring for a new born or adopting a child
  • Sick Leave—covers employee pay when they’re ill or injured and unable to work
  • Long Term Disability—pays a portion of employees’ salary when they’ve been ill or injured for an extended period of time

We also offer flexible or variable hours of work to assist in meeting our employees’ special needs based on location or family circumstances such as difficult commutes, childcare, eldercare, etc.

Other options, where operational conditions allow, include flexible work schedules (e.g. working longer days to earn an extra day off bi-weekly) or working less than full time.

*Some eligibility criteria apply.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness benefits at BC Assessment include:

  • Medical Services Plan-covers an employee's and their family's BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums
  • Extended Health-pays a significant portion of employee's and their family's healthcare costs not covered by MSP such as prescriptions, eye care, etc.
  • Dental-pays a significant portion of an employee's and their family's dental care
  • Employee & Family Assistance-counselling services to help employees and their family when the need arises
  • WorkSafe-provides replacement income and covers health care costs when employees have an accident or injury at work


Insurance benefits at BC Assessment include:

  • Employment—provides replacement income for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Life—personal life insurance equal to two times an employee’s annual salary
  • Spousal - optional life insurance for employees’ family members


Retirement benefits for permanent employees at BC Assessment include:

  • Canada Pension—income for when employees retire
  • Public Service Pension—income for when employees retire
  • Retirement Allowance—a special retirement allowance based on an employee’s years of service

Awards & Recognition

BC Assessment offers the following awards and recognition opportunities:

  • Gainsharing—rewards employees when they identify operational efficiencies, provide exceptional customer service or show fiscal responsibility
  • Long Service awards