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Compare Appraisal Assistant Positions 

Did you know...we also hire Appraisal Assistant Trainees and Appraisal Assistant I's                                 on a temporary basis?    

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Positions Appraisal Assistant I & II

Senior Appraisal Assistant & Office Supervisor

An Appraisal Assistant (AA) performs administrative functions (e.g. updating databases, answering customers’ enquiries, etc.) related to the production of annual assessment rolls and notices.

A key function of this workgroup is to administratively support appraisers, clients; e.g. property owners, partners; e.g. local governments, and others.  Regular updates; e.g. weekly, monthly, etc. are provided to local governments to support their production of tax rolls and notices.

Work is performed under supervision and is reviewed to ensure conformance with established practices, processes, and rules.

Unusual or complex issues are referred to the Senior Appraisal Assistant (SAA) or the Office Supervisor (OS) and situations involving appraisal matters are referred to an Appraiser of Manager.

Key Roll preparation duties include processing source documentation; e.g. ownership changes, subdivisions, plans, permits, address changes, but reviewing and entering information into database using a keyboard; in accordance with Business Rules.

An AA searches, reviews and verifies information/data for the purpose of identifying inconsistencies and correcting data.

Checks, enters and tracks complaints to the Property Assessment Review Panel and Property Assessment Appeal Board.  The administration for the former occurs from receipt of complaints through to conclusion of hearings.


AAs are front-line customer service representatives provided with tact and diplomacy when dealing with all clients; e.g. property owners, local governments, staff.


Works in a normal office setting open to the public, frequently dealing with demanding clients, requires frequent visual focuses on monitors for data processing, works under pressure of deadlines, and works cohesively as a team member in a diverse team environment.

AAs understand the linkages between basic assessment processes and appraisal theory, good business English, office administration and organization policies and processes, standard office software and equipment, etc.

Appraisal Assistant I

An Appraisal Assistant I (AA I) is a growth position in the series.  It is a training level for progression to the full working level – Appraisal Assistant II.  Exposure to a range of duties occurs as experience is gained throughout the annual assessment cycle.  This position requires some independence a greater responsibility than an Appraisal Assistant Trainee.

An AA I has basic knowledge, applies and learns to follow related appraisal, assessment, and office administration procedures and practices.


Advice, direction and training are provided by a more senior Appraisal Assistant or Office Supervisor.

Appraisal Assistant II

An Appraisal Assistant II (AA II) is a full working level position in the series; performing a wider variety of administrative functions than the AA I.

An AA II understands, applies, and follows related appraisal, assessment, and office administration processes and practices. 


The position may assist in the instruction and training of junior staff. 

Progression Appraisal Assistant I to Appraisal Assistant II = 24 months

Probationary period = 6 months



Senior Appraisal Assistant

Reporting to an Office Supervisor (OS), the Senior Appraisal Assistant (SAA) supervises, coordinates and schedules an administrative team to ensure adherence to work standards, priorities, deadlines, and proper procedures related to the maintenance and production of the assessment roll and notices.

The SAA is proficient in all duties of the working level AA.

An SAA is distinguished from the working level series by the supervision of administrative staff, participation in the leadership team, and the greater complexity of work performed.

The SAA is exposed to the full complexity of administrative duties as carried out by the Office Supervisor as experience is gained.

The position is accountable for team leadership, staff orientation, training, assignments, work review and reporting. 

Identifies competency gaps and provides training needs, and promotes a culture that encourages and supports continuous learning.

Coordinates all administrative tasks

Coordinates quality control of database input/output.

Coordinates all administrative processes for Property Assessment Review Panels and Property Assessment Appeal Board.

Has knowledge of Acts, regulations and procedures related to the assessment function

Assists appraisers and managers with technical projects and related matters; responds to questions from appraisal staff.

Assists staff with difficult enquiries. 

Participates in working committees and/or groups.

In those offices where there is no OS on site, an SAA administers facility-related issues.

Office Supervisor

This is the most senior Appraisal Assistant level in the bargaining unit.

Under the supervision and direction of the manager, the OS co-ordinates the support services for regional operations, including assessment/appraisal support, administrative services, financial services, records management, purchasing and information systems and technology.

The position leads and supervises administrative team(s) comprised of all levels of AAs and is considered the expert in all aspects of the AA functions.

The position makes decisions with respect to administrative, financial, and operational policies and procedures.

An OS is distinguished from an SAA by the stronger level of supervision, greater leadership of the team, and higher complexity of work performed.

The position also resolves issues escalated from the team members.

Guides administrative initiatives; e.g. developing project plans, setting parameters and timelines.

Prepares and writes appropriate responses to a variety or enquiries from various stakeholders; e.g. property owners, taxing jurisdictions, staff.

Understands legislative requirements, ensures compliance with legislative and productions deadlines, and witnesses signatures and takes oaths as a “Commission for Taking Affidavits”.

Coordinates and monitors the administrative work program by creating a work plans and setting annual work objectives.

Oversees all administrative tasks associated with the completion and quality of all non-value related items on all Rolls.

Oversees all administrative processes for Property Assessment Review Panels and Property Assessment Appeal Board.

Communicates proactively with customers, mitigates customer relations issues, and responds to concerns, providing options and choices when appropriate.

Deals with difficult enquiries or difficult public and governmental issues, recommends appropriate action as necessary, or escalates issue to manager.

Participates in the recruitment and selection of administrative staff, including conducting reference checks.

Monitors, discusses and documents employee performances and takes basic

Disciplinary action as delegated, and conducts formal performance appraisals.

Applies provisions of the Collective Agreement in conjunction with managers and HR division.

Fosters a positive, constructive and engaging environment.

Schedules, organizes and conducts team meetings, and attends Office Supervisor meetings.

Participates as a member on various regional and/or corporate committees.

Acts as a subject matter expert or in an advisory role which may affect administrative procedural and/or organizational changes.

Oversees administrative-related budgets, general office purchasing and expenditures.

Coaches and mentors staff for career development and succession planning.

Possesses strong communication and organizational skills.

Where are these positions located?

There are 16 field office location throughout the province (click here)  


What are the hours of work?

BC Assessment recognizes the importance of providing employees with flexible options for when, where and how they work. We are all looking for ways to balance home and other life responsibilities with the need to get the work done and meet our customer expectations.  The flexible hours of work provision allows an employee to submit for approval a four week work schedule of 140 hours, exclusive of meal breaks. 

  • Daily hours: Maximum of 8.5 hours per day/Minimum of 3.5 hours per day (exclusive of meal breaks)
  • Employees must work at least 3 business days each business week (Monday through Friday)

*Hours of work are governed by the current collective agreement between CUPE 1767 and BC Assessment

What is the salary range?

Appraisal Assistant I 

$35,360.97 to $41,600.96 (5 annual steps)

Appraisal Assistant II

$38,707.54 to $45,538.29 (5 annual steps)


Senior Appraisal Assistant 

$45,400.87 to $53,412.59 (5 annual steps)

Office Supervisor

$55,440.38 to $65,223.66 (5 annual steps)


What are the benefits?

Paid Benefits*


Waiting Period

Basic Medical

1 month

Dental and Extended Health

6 months

Group Life

1 month



Long Term Disability

6 months

Annual Vacation

Immediate (see below) 

Sick Leave


 *See articles 15,22,23,and 28 for more information on entitlements

Paid Vacation

An employee who has earned at least ten days at straight time rates for each calendar month shall have an annual vacation entitlement as follows:

Vacation Years

Work Days

First to third






Sixth to Seventh












Thirteenth to Fifteenth


Sixteenth to Eighteenth




Twentieth to Twenty-first


Twenty-second to Twenty-fourth


Twenty-fifth and thereafter



Paid Holidays

The following have been designated as paid holidays:

· New Year's Day              · British Columbia Day

· Good Friday                   · Labour Day

· Easter Monday               · Thanksgiving Day  

· Victoria Day                  · Remembrance Day

· Canada Day                  · Christmas Day

                                    · Boxing Day

                                    · Family Day


Any other holiday proclaimed as a holiday by the Federal or Provincial Governments shall also be a paid holiday. 

 Qualifications - Experience & Education

Appraisal Assistant I


   - Six months to one year experience as an Appraisal Assistant Trainee or equivalent.


   - Completion of Grade 12 (High School Diploma).

   - Post-secondary business courses and training in computer software and hardware would be an asset. 

Appraisal Assistant II


      - Two years experience as an Appraisal Assistant I or equivalent.


   - Completion of Grade 12 (High School Diploma).

   - Post-secondary business courses and training in computer software and hardware would be an asset. 



Senior Appraisal Assistant


   - A minimum of four year’s administrative experience, including a minimum of two years experience in an assessment area office at the AAII level or equivalent.

   - Some supervisory experience is required.


   - Completion of grade 12.
- Completion of a post-secondary business certificate (e.g. 8-10 courses).
- Supervisory and appraisal courses would be an asset.

NOTE: An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.

Office Supervisor


   - Considerable administrative experience, including a minimum of 6 years, including 2 years experience in an assessment office at the SAA level or equivalent.

   - A minimum of two years supervisory experience.


   - Completion of grade 12 (e.g. high school diploma or GED).
- Completion of post-secondary business diploma (16-20 courses) program.
- Supervisory and leadership courses (2 or more courses).
- Appraisal (BUSI) courses would be an asset.

NOTE: An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.

Qualifications - Additional 

 · Eligible to work in Canada.

· Willingness for occasional travel.

· These positions are included in the CUPE bargaining unit. 

**Bargaining unit positions are required to work a minimum of 2 years in a location prior to applying for any lateral transfer involving relocation.**