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The Selection Process 

Our Philosophy

BC Assessment uses competency-based, behavioural interviews to assess all candidates for employment.

are the characteristics and behaviours that people need to demonstrate in performing the duties of a job. Competency-based behavioural interviews are predicated on the notion that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Research has shown that competency-based, behavioural interviews achieve a higher level of accuracy than traditional interviews.

In a competency-based behavioural interview, candidates are asked to provide detailed accounts of what they have done, said, thought and felt in situations in the past, that are similar to what they will experience at BC Assessment.

The Three-Step Process

Pre-Employment Assessment - Some competitions, including all appraisal competitions, require qualified candidates to write a pre-employment test/technical exercise. The test is designed to evaluate their knowlege, skills, and abilities in areas such as analytical thinking, written communication, and computer skills. These tests are conducted online from any location.

Interview - Those who pass the pre-employment test/exercise, are invited to participate in a behavioural interview where competencies are assessed in job related areas such as Flexibility. Applicants who pass this stage of the process are then eligible for further consideration.

Past Work Performance Review - Finally, we rely on comprehensive past work performance reviews or reference checks provided by current and/or former supervisors to evaluate past performance on the job.