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Assessment Area / Jurisdiction List 

Current list of all BC Assessment Areas and Jurisdictions (in PDF format).

The complete list is provided a number of times in the PDF document, in different sort orders.  

The heading of each page will list which sort is being viewed, and how many pages that sorted version is.  The heading will also have the date the report was created (which will also be when the information is current to).

Information provided is: Jurisdiction Name (NAME), Assessment Area Code (AA), Jurisdiction Code (JUR), School District Code (SD) and Regional District Code (RD).

The last page of the PDF document is “Summary Counts by Type of Jurisdictions”.
Sorted by:

  • 1st sort: Assessment Area Code (AA) and then Jurisdiction Code (JUR)
  • 2nd sort: Jurisdiction Name (NAME)
  • 3rd sort: Jurisdiction Code (JUR)
  • 4th sort: School District Code (SD)
  • 5th sort: Regional District Code (RD)

Last page is:

  • Summary Counts by Type of Jurisdiction